Introduction to Photography (taught by Molly Smith)

We will be exploring the basic ins and outs of photography and developing an eye during this class. Students will learn and develop a craft for taking visually beautiful composed images while also learning about the process. Each class we will have a different photo adventure and practice different techniques/skills to achieve the project. Each lesson will contain instructions which entail what the assignment for the day is, and then we will go out and shoot! Here are some of the adventures we will do; Architecture around town, nature, portraits, photojournalism (street photography), narrative, and scavenger hunt! Please join us if you are interested in learning more about your vision and how to really use your eyes!

Design through Collage Making (taught by Molly Smith)

This class introduces various techniques of making art through the use of materials. There are many ways to make a collage- 2D, 3D, and a hybrid of both! When it comes to creating a collage, re-cycling, re-using, and thinking beyond the canvas is key to the practice. Students will learn how to play with a variety of materials to create single surface compositions. Each week we will work on a different narrative, or focus, for the collage by drawing, painting, gluing, cutting and collecting found materials. Come join us if you like to experiment and have fun while making art!

Shakespeare plays (taught by Taylor Gulotta)

Students will be given the tools to being navigating the oftentimes intimidating work of Shakespeare. Classes will cover a variety of Shakespeare-related topics, including an introduction to iambic pentameter, the difference between prose and verse, the unique element of direct address, and the relevance and re-imagination of Shakespeare theater productions in modern society. Activities will focus on understanding text through reading and performing, recognizing rhythm, and finding ways to relate to the work today.  

iPhone Art(taught by Taylor Gulotta)

We will explore artistic opportunities using the phone that revolutionized technology and communication. Students will employ the use of free, user-friendly apps and websites to design and create a collection of projects. Students will learn how to film and edit video, create sound effects and recordings, and experiment with multiple photo editing and drawing applications. The class will have the opportunity to devise a final, group project that encompasses at least 3 different apps/websites. Students will also gain insight into the kind of accessible technology used by industry theater professionals.

Acting (taught by Taylor Gulotta)

Students will receive an introduction to acting through text work, scene work, monologue work, and acting games. We will discover what it is like to perform with a scene partner, with props and furniture, and with different staging conditions. Students will also be introduced to a variety of acting games and exercises that they will be able to take with them in future theatrical endeavors. Lessons will cover beats and objectives, motivations, memorization tips, and reacting to what else is happening on stage.

Singing With Friends (taught by Hannah Palmatary)

An exploration into vocal tone and style, all while celebrating the art of singing with others. We will work as a large choir and in smaller groups to explore classic choral music, gospel works, musical theater ensemble pieces, and modern songs. By using a variety of vocal techniques and exercises, we will work to understand why different types of vocal music sound different, and we will learn how to shape and alter our sound to produce music of all these different types. Grab a friend and come enjoy singing together!

Play-Writing ( taught by Hannah Palmatary)

Endeavor into the world of writing and workshop in a class that focuses on developing characters, crafting scenes, and producing engaging 10-minute plays for the stage. We will spend time reading and discussing plays, creatively writing from inspiring prompts, and workshopping each other’s pieces in a constructive and group-oriented manner. Once the writing and editing is done, we will put the plays on their feet through staged readings. A wonderful chance to get creativity flowing and to see your ideas come to life on the page and under the lights!

Un“masking” the Fable ( taught by Hannah Palmatary)

Focusing on the art of mask work in the theater space, this class will examine the age-old story telling method of the fable. Students will research fables from around the world, devise their own way to present the story on stage, and create and explore their chosen characters through improvisation and acting in mask. Mask creation includes the hands-on design, construction, and decoration of plaster masks all done by the student’s themselves. This class will conclude with a showcase of the staged-fables and learned acting skills, and everyone will be able to take their personalized mask home at the end!

Acing the Audition (taught by Hannah Palmatary & Taylor Gulotta)

This class aims to familiarize students with the audition process by providing an understanding of what to expect, from selecting audition pieces to working on timing to doing cold readings. Students will finish the class having prepared at least one audition song and monologue for future auditions and portfolios. Additionally, students will have the chance to ‘audition’ for their peers and instructors in a safe, welcoming environment.

Modern Dance (taught by Emma Altenburg)

In Modern, students will learn various movements and how to associate feeling with them. By stretching and practicing routines across the floor, they will acquire a wider understanding of what modern dance is. Students will practice a choreographed combination at the end of each class to perform in the showcase.

Jazz Dance (taught by Emma Altenburg)

In Jazz, students will push themselves to leap higher and turn faster. A fun and exciting way to dance to their favorite pop songs. Students will practice a choreographed routine at the end of each class to be performed at the showcase.

Choreography (taught by Emma Altenburg)

In Choreography class students will have the ability to create a work of their own. They can work alongside their peers to create something that is meaningful to them and will have the ability to perform their pieces at the showcase.

Musical Theatre (taught by Emma Altenburg)

Musical Theatre class will get students moving, singing, acting, and having fun. Each week we will focus on a different musical number. Students will learn the song lyrics and have the task of putting them to a dance. This class is great for students who are interested in performing in musicals and/or need extra practice putting all three elements into one piece.

Drawing (Weeks 2 & 3 Only-taught by Emma Shapiro)

Drawing is a large and exciting field of art, filled with dynamic options. In this class, we will explore drawing tools, skills, formats, and subjects. Students will break free from the notion of what a drawing “should” be, and will begin to consider what a drawing “could” be. We will use a variety of drawing materials, from traditional to experimental, and will explore subjects from still life and landscape, to emotions and the imaginary. Students will be introduced to icons in the drawing world through brief discussions and take-home items. [Each class day will involve drawing, and at times will be messy]

Stitching: Embellish, Adapt, Repurpose (Week 1 only-taught by Accacia Mullen )

In this class, students will take ordinary pieces (bags, jackets, pillows, for example) and make them cooler using techniques like applique, visible mending, and embroidery.  Bring your own items or use ours. Students may have zero to some sewing experience, but should have a willingness to create with fiber and thread and have fun!

I Want to be an Artist! (Week 2 & 3 only-taught by Emma Shapiro)

The Lexington area is rich with practicing and professional artists, a deep reserve from which to pull insight and advice if you are interested in any kind of art-making. In this class, students will have the opportunity to meet local artists and gallerists and learn about their work. After each encounter, the students will work on a piece inspired by their encounter using either the materials or subjects they have learned about.

[Class days will alternate between meeting a local art practitioner, and then creating based on that interaction]