Shakespeare Ensembles (taught by Taylor Gulotta)

Students will learn to navigate the work of Shakespeare without any intimidation. This class will introduce students to Shakespeare through ensemble work and group activities. Students will leave with introductory knowledge of iambic pentameter, prose and verse, direct address, and the relevance and re-imagination of Shakespearean productions in modern society. Activities will focus on understanding through reading and performing with scenes from multiple Shakespeare plays. Students will work together to recognize rhythm and energy within Shakespeare’s words and to find ways to relate to the text.

Musical Theatre (co-taught by Hannah Palmatary and Taylor Gulotta)

Calling all prospective Broadway stars! This class will give students the freedom to perform just about anything their hearts desire. Class instruction will focus on developing vocal, acting, and movement skills. Students will put it all into practice in solos, duets, and group numbers. Some class time will also be dedicated to workshopping performances and receiving feedback from peers and instructors. Get those jazz hands ready.

Performance Design (taught by Taylor Gulotta)

In this class, students will be introduced to elements of technical theatre through hands-on projects. Each week will focus on a different area of performance design, so students will become familiar with multiple design processes. This class will cover costumes, sets, and props. Students will design and plan out the technical aspects for a play or musical of their choice. Students will also have the unique opportunity to make design contributions and collaborate on the summer musical, Into the Woods, and earn a credit in the program for their work.*

Acting Techniques (taught by Taylor Gulotta)

Students will receive an introduction to acting through text work, scene work, and monologue work. We will discover what it is like to perform with a scene partner, with props and furniture, and with different staging conditions. Students will participate in an audition workshop with their classmates, leaving with tips and tricks that they can take with them in future theatrical endeavors. This class will require high energy and focus from participants. This class is geared toward students seriously interested in honing their skills and technique in the field of stage acting.

Creative Writing: Poetry (taught by Hannah Palmatary)

Inviting all writers! Dive into the heart of language by crafting your own poems! Emphasizing critical reflection, creative initiative, and peer workshopping, this class will empower students with the ability to understand and utilize poetic devices, form, structure, and meter/rhythm in order to thoughtfully discuss and write poetry. We will take time to enjoy and comprehend several influential poets and their works, explore various types of poetry including spoken word, and write write write! Students will develop a critical vocabulary to understand, celebrate, and create poetry, and leave with a workshopped collection of their own poems in various styles.

Working with Clay (taught by Hannah Palmatary)

Come explore the 3D medium of clay in this project-based class! We won’t be working with a wheel but will instead focus on exploring freeform design methods to create one-of-a-kind works of art. We’ll learn several clay techniques such as molding, patterning, stamping, etching, scoring, glazing, and finishing. Students will work on individual and group projects and leave with hands-on experiences as well as several finished clay pieces to take home.

Paranormal Expeditions (The Art of Scary Stories) (taught by Hannah Palmatary)

Has a scary movie ever made you jump, or a haunted house given you goosebumps? Do you think about Zombie invasions, dream about Vampires, wish that dragons roamed the streets of Lexington, and would enjoy meeting a ghost? If so, you’ll want to take this class which will explore the performance, design, and artistry of our favorite, spine-tingling scary stories. You’d never guess how many creative and artistic skills go into the planning and execution of scary projects—and that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring! Students will leave with a knowledge of special effects, play/screenwriting, basic filming skills, and project design and construction. It’s sure to be a spooky time!

Introduction to Photography (taught by Molly Smith)

We will be exploring the basic ins and outs of photography and developing an eye during this class. Students will learn and develop a craft for taking visually beautiful composed images while also learning about the process. Each class we will have a different photo adventure and practice different techniques/skills to achieve the project. Each lesson will contain instructions which entail what the assignment for the day is, and then we will go out and shoot! Here are some of the adventures we will do; Architecture around town, nature, portraits, photojournalism (street photography), narrative, and scavenger hunt! Please join us if you are interested in learning more about your vision and how to really use your eyes!

Advanced Photography (taught by Molly Smith)

In this class we will be diving into the intricacy of photography. There is so much more to just taking a picture. We will explore more with shooting by adding light and discussing how to use it wisely. And using light to create our visions and make a print! In advance photography, we will be making our own pinhole cameras and going out to shoot some analog processes. But not only will we be producing old school photographs, but also learning how to edit and get into digital workflows. If you have already participated in introduction to photography and want to continue to learn more about photography, please join us as we get more involved with the medium!

Printing and Editing Photos (taught by Molly Smith)

With the technology out there today, you can be a photographer with any type of smartphone, tablet or portable device that has a camera. In this class we will learn the skills to use our device’s camera to compose great images. There might be some things you didn’t know about your device that can help achieve better photographs. Once we have gone over the functions of our devices, then we can utilize applications to edit the pictures. You can take a simple photo and turn it into a completely different scene through editing. If you are interested in learning how to shoot and edit with your device, come join us!

Thinking like a Computer: the Logic Behind Code (taught by Jacob Bruck)

This is a class about explaining core computing concepts in a simple, easy to learn fashion.  This is not a class about writing code and therefore a majority of this class does not use computers.  We will use games and exercises to explain things like algorithms, loops, and recursion.

Jazz Dance (taught by Analise LaRiviere)

Students will learn about the techniques of several different styles of jazz dance. Examples include classical, Fosse, and broadway/musical theatre. Students will warm up, learn movements across the floor, and learn new combinations every week. At the end of the program, students will help choreograph and perform a piece in the showcase.

Dance Sampler (taught by Analise LaRiviere)

Students will learn about several different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theater, and clogging. Every week the class will focus on one or two different genres of dance. At the end of the program, students will perform their favorite forms in a performance in the showcase.

Site-Specific Dance (taught by Analise LaRiviere)

Students will learn about the art of site-specific dances by getting to travel to different locations around Lexington making their own choreography. Their choreographies will be recorded and compiled into a video that will be shown at the end of program showcase.

Choreography/Improvisation (taught by Analise LaRiviere)

Students will learn techniques to better enhance their choreography and improvisation skills. Over the course of the program they will be given different scores and assignments to help them create work. Towards the end they will be able to choreograph their own pieces to be shown at the end of program showcase.

Knitting Basics (taught by Bailey Anderson)

In this class students will learn two basic knitting stitches (pearl and knit) and work on basic projects together. We will explore the ways knitting has been used in various artistic mediums and make our own practical and artistic projects.